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Although some web browsers allow you to change the font size and style, I do not recommend that you do this even if a larger size would make reading easier for you. Increasing the font size will probably cause a formatting nightmare on some web pages - text will end up overwriting other text or graphics, which makes reading harder, not easier. Changing the font style may have the same effect, since different fonts take up different amounts of space even at the same "point" size.

There are three things which you might do to increase the text size to make reading easier.

First, if you are using Windows Internet Explorer, hold down the Ctrl key and press the Plus (+) key. Each time you hit the Plus key the screen enlarges. You can make it quite big! Holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the Minus (-) key makes things smaller.

Second, get a Fresnel Lens Magnifier. This is a thin sheet of plastic that you can place in front of your monitor screen (or over a book, magazine, test, etc.) to magnify the text. Bookstores often have these available, although they may not have one large enough to cover your computer monitor's screen. You might also check with Sue Kelley, at Student Services on the West Campus, about where to get a Fresnel Lens. If I find a source, I'll include it here. (Many people don't realize it, but the "s" in Fresnel is silent. The word is pronounced "fray-nel.")

Third, if your monitor is set for 800x600 resolution (the resolution which my web pages are formatted for) set the resolution to 640x480. This will magnify the text without damaging the formatting. It will also make it necessary to scroll the page left and right to read everything, but at least everything will be right where it should be. To make this change, follow these instructions:

     Go to Start >>> Settings >>> Control Panel >>> Display >>>Settings. Change to a lower resolution (640x480 pixels.) You may have to restart your computer for this change to take effect. You may also be able to make this change by right-clicking on the Desktop, then clicking on Properties and then on Settings.