West Bend Stir Crazy Corn Popper

I love popcorn, so when my brother and his family decided to get us an appliance for Christmas, we finally decided on a West Bend Stir Crazy 6-Quart Corn Popper. It came with good directions and I popped two batches, each using one-third cup of corn and only a tablespoon of corn oil, the evening that it arrived. The popper has an automatic stirrer which helps make sure that essentially all of the corn gets popped. It worked wonderfully!

When I went to clean up after the last batch I discovered that the "nonstick" coating was being worn off already by the stirrer! I called West Bend the next morning and was told that this was "normal" and that I shouldn't worry. The nonstick coating is not dangerous and the exposed metal shouldn't rust. I was told that I could return the popper if I preferred.

I decided to keep the popper and see what happens next.

However, I am surprised that a company like West Bend would be so nonchalant about what seems like a somewhat shoddy product. You might want to look for someone who has more pride in their workmanship if you want to get a corn popper.