dotPhoto prints from digital photos

They apparently have an interesting business model at dotPhoto.

dotPhoto makes prints of various sizes (and other items) from the digital photos you upload to their web site. They do a very nice job - when they do them right.

If they make a mistake on your order, you normally must take the time and spend the money to return the bad prints to them. They don't want to take your word for it that they made an error and they won't take financial responsibility beyond making some more prints for you. I recently uploaded five photos so that they could make 11x14 prints for me. One of these photos was in the vertical format; four were horizontal. All five were returned as vertical prints, so that half or so of each horizontal print was missing. I wonder why they don't pay someone enough wages to be proud enough of their work to do it right the first time.

The five prints were returned in a nice cardboard tube. (I wish I could think of some use for these tubes - I hate to throw them away.) The Pitney Bowes US postage meter stamp says it cost $2.87 to mail the tube. They charged me $10.86 for postage and handling. If they paid their printing technician as well as they pay their "handler" maybe they wouldn't have to do my order over!

They misprinted my previous order too. One of the photos had pretty yellow flowers with orange centers. When I got my prints the flowers in this one were so overexposed that the flowers seemed to glow and you couldn't even detect their orange center. What was their excuse? My digital photo was smaller than their "recommended" size. But they don't have a recommended size - they have a recommended range and my photo was well within their recommended range of sizes. So I darkened the centers of the flowers, increased its size with PhotoShop, and uploaded the modified picture. After sending the original print back (my time, my expense) they printed it right.

I must admit that I may have been at fault for what seemed to be some misprints when I first started sending them photos to print (my monitor was out of adjustment, so that images that looked good on the screen may not have been properly exposed.) But when it's their fault, I think they should own up to it and compensate me for the time and expense that I have to go to in order to get what I've paid for.

Maybe I'm in the wrong business when it comes to making money.

Addendum: I made my displeasure at having four of five photos misprinted, as mentioned above, known via e-mail. I was not asked to return the misprints, this time. The entire order (including the photo previously printed correctly) was redone and returned to me printed properly.