jWin CD552 Boom Box

Are you thinking about getting a boom box
to play your mp3 files that you've burned
to CDs?  You might want to think twice
about getting a jWin
boom box.

I've got a lot of mp3 files that I've
burned to CDs.  I finally wore out my old

jWin boom box

player and couldn't find another like it. I finally found a jWin "JX-CD552 mp3 CD boom box."  I soon discovered that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Nowhere in the advertising for this product, nor anywhere in the manual which came with it, was there
any indication that the boom box would not play CD-RW disks. My
CD-RW disks play with no problem on my computer and on the Sony boom box that I have for home use. But the same disks will have tracks end prematurely, cycle from part of one track to part of another, or produce “strange sounds” while playing on the JX-CD552. As a result I had to re-record all of my CD-RW disks to CD-R disks.

This was moderately helpful.  Now most tracks will
play, but I notice from time to time a track that ends before the song is finished.

I wrote to WIN Electronics Corporation (Customer
Service Department, 2 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050) about the problems.  Guess what their response was.  Right - no response at all.

So if you want a boom box that plays mp3, you might want to try something from Sony.