If you find errors ...

I would appreciate learning about the nature and location of errors in my Web pages, such as missing or broken links, typos, or other mistakes.

By "location" I mean the name of the web page where the error is to be found. You can find this near the top of your browser window on a line labeled "Address" in Internet Explorer or "Location" in Netscape. For instance "windwardsea.us/Errors/Errors.htm" is the Address/Location of this page. (If you've expanded the page size with F11 you will need to return it to normal to see the Address line.)

Please note that grammar rules come and go and are often associated with the style of writing. I try to write these web pages in a "conversational style" when possible. I may use what are (today) "out-of-date" rules - but I'm not going to change things just so that I can change them back next year when the grammar pendulum swings the other way. Conversational style also sometimes bends or "breaks" rules. I know that a preposition is a word that you never end a sentence with. I'll still do it. I also know that sentences require a subject and a predicate. I'll still use sentence fragments when they seem appropriate to me.

Please also note that your Web browser sometimes makes changes in spacing and format over which I have no control. Sometimes clicking on "Refresh" (Internet Explorer) or "Reload" (Netscape) helps. If that doesn't help, check the big green "Click here if text on the page..." button on my home page to see if there is anything else that you might need to do.