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Many web pages are updated frequently, so your browser may cause problems if it is not set to check for new versions every time you visit a page. Your browser may be set to save ("cache") pages on your hard drive so that you can brows faster, but if it doesn't check for updated pages it may show you out of date pages.

For a quick, but temporary, fix try

     1)With Internet Explorer click the "Refresh" button or go to View >> Refresh

     2) With Netscape go to View >> Reload

For a more permanent fix, try

     1) With Internet Explorer: Tools >> Internet Options >> "Temporary Internet Files": Settings >> Check for newer versions of stored pages "Every visit to the page"

     2) With Netscape: Edit >> Preferences >> Advanced (double click to expand choices) >> Cache >> Compare the page in the cache to the page on the network "Every time I visit the page"