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1) If the problem is that formatting of text is wrong - text one place overlaps text below it - try this with Internet Explorer: Click on View at the top of the screen, then click on Text Size in the drop-down menu, then click on Medium if hasn't already been selected. If Medium has already been selected, try Smaller or Smallest - I create these web pages at the Medium setting, but some computers seem to need the smaller settings (Don't ask me "Why?" - some computers are just weird.) If you have some other browser, it probably has some way to change the text size too.

2) If the problem is that you need to scroll left and right to see everything, try this and, if necessary, the steps below: Make sure that you have maximized your browser window! Click here for an explanation.

3) Like most web pages, these pages are designed to be viewed with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600.

     A. If your computer is set to 640 x 480 screen size I would recommend that you change it to 800 x 600. Click here for instructions.

     B. If your don't want to change your screen size and you are using Internet Explorer (I don't know if this works for other browsers) the July 2008 issue of Computer Shopper says that you can change the text size (actually, you change the whole screen size) by holding the CTRL-key and rolling the mouse wheel. Rolling up makes the screen larger, down makes it smaller. (Computer Shopper says the exact opposite, but this is how it works on my computer.) If your mouse does not have that little wheel, Computer Shopper didn't mention this, but I discovered that holding the CTRL-key and pressing + makes the screen larger and pressing - makes it smaller. So you can adjust your screen size any time you want to something that works best for you and the site that you are visiting.

4) If you're using Internet Explorer and you see a list of "Favorites" at the left of the screen, click on the X where it says "Favorites" to close this window! (You can still access your Favorites by clicking on "Favorites" in the top row of your screen.)

5) With Internet Explorer you can also press F11 to get a less cluttered screen; F11 again to go back to normal.

If none of these work, I'd like to see what you are seeing - I need a "screen-save" graphic. I don't know how Apple computers do this, but you can do the following if you use Windows to get a screen-save graphic: Hold down Shift while pressing the Print Screen key. This puts a picture of your screen into the "Clipboard." Then go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Paint. After you open Paint, press the Ctrl and V keys together to copy your
screen-save into the working window. You can now go to File, give the picture a name, and Save it to some place where you can find the file. Exit Paint and e-mail me the graphic file at as an attachment to your description of the problem so that I can see what you are seeing. Make sure that you put your NAME and "FORMAT PROBLEM" into the Subject line of your e-mail so that I'll know that I'm not getting a virus.