Page Properties

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One of the most useful things about Page Properties is the Tracing Image. A Tracing Image is a graphic which you have created which shows the location of all the elements to be found on your page. It doesn't show up in your browser, just when you are creating the page. (If you come back later and can't see it, go to View - Tracing Image and set it to Show.)

I use it to simplify recreating my NeoBooks as web pages. I use a screen capture utility (GWS Camera), then crop to just the NeoBook page in PhotoShop and save it as a JPG file.

If you need to move the Tracing Image (to make text which gets covered up visible, for example) go to View - Tracing Image - Adjust position and shift it to a better position with the cursor keys.

Go back to Page Properties and delete the Tracing Image when you are finished with the page.