There are several ways to place text on your page: 1) Just start typing, 2) Cut and paste from someplace where the desired text already exists, 3) Save your word processor file as an HTM or HTML file.

Just start typing

You can begin typing at the cursor and Dreamweaver will wrap the text at the end of the line just like your word processor The page is single spaced unless you hit the Enter key. This ends the "paragraph" and double spaces to begin a new line.

If you want to end a line but not start a new paragraph -- to allow space for a graphic at the right side of the page, for instance -- press Shift as you hit Enter. The line will terminate, a new line will start, but you will not skip a line. Note -- your browser may have a different notion about font sizes than Dreamweaver, so it may break (word wrap) lines at a different place than you see in Dreamweaver. If you want to make sure that what appears in the browser is formatted the same way as in Dreamweaver, end every line that you type with Shift-Enter and stay well away from the right margin.

Cut and Paste

If you have a file which already contains text that you want to insert into your page, go to the file. Use your mouse to highlight the text that you want and press Ctrl-C to copy the text into the "clipboard." Return to the web page, position the cursor in the desired position, and press Ctrl-V to insert the text. All formatting from the original page will probably be lost and you will need to go through the text to format it as desired.

Save as HTM or HTML

Your word processor probably will allow you to save a file in a variety of formats, including HTM/HTML format for a web page. If you format your text as you want it to appear on your web page, most of this formatting will be retained if you choose the save as HTM/HTML format from your word processor If you don't want to save the entire file, you can highlight the portion that you want with your mouse, press Ctrl-C to save to the clipboard, go to File and create a New document, then insert the desired text with

Ctrl-V. Then save this new document as an HTM/HTML file. Make sure to save to the proper folder for your Site.