Special Characters

Special characters are characters not found on the keyboard. There is a list of special characters beginning on page 172 of Dreamweaver 2 Bible (and probably somewhere in more recent reference books.) In the book, the code for the character is the numerical portion of the item in the "Decimal Code" column. To insert the character, go to Code View, then click at the location where you want the cursor to insert the character. Make sure that you actually click at that position to move the cursor into the Code View window - the cursor may just look like it is where you want it, but is still in the Design View window! Type in the code preceded by &# and followed by a semicolon. For instance, for a pi symbol (π), type &#960. Note that some characters will only display in Design View as a dot where the character should be, although they will show up fine when viewed in the browser.

I've also read that a character can be inserted directly into your text in Code View by holding down the ALT key and typing in the code. You need to add leading zeros to make a total of four numbers. For example, an asterisk could be inserted by pressing ALT and typing 0042. A copyright character would be inserted by pressing ALT and typing 0169. Unfortunately, I can't get this method to work.

Some useful characters from the list include:

micro, µ : 181

copyright, ©: 169

dot in the middle of the character space, · : 183

large dot in the middle of the character space, • : 149

multiplication sign, × : 215

degree symbol, ° : 176

pi symbol, π : 960

I have created a special page of symbols, mostly for use in my Chemistry pages, which can be copied and pasted into the text .