Links to other pages or to specific spots on a page

If you just want to be able to click on text, graphic, etc and be linked to another web page, select the desired object with your mouse. This may involve left-clicking on a graphic or left clicking and dragging the mouse cursor to highlight text. (You can also highlight text by placing the cursor at the beginning of what you want highlighted then hold down shift as you cursor to the end.) Look at the properties window. If the desired link is a page from some other web site, type the URL (including http://) into the little link window. If you want to link to another of your own pages, click on the little folder icon just to the right of the link window and find the file that you need by navigating in the file window that opens for you.

If you want to be able to jump to a specific location on the page, or to a specific location on another page, you need a "named link". Place you cursor at the location that you want to jump to. Then select Insert from the menu bar >> Invisible Tags >> Named Anchor. Type in a name for the "anchor" that you will jump to (don't include any spaces), then click OK. There will now be a yellow icon containing an anchor at the chosen location.

If you want to link from some item on the same page, highlight (select) the item, then type in the file name of the page followed by # and the anchor name (filename.htm#anchorname).

If you want to jump to a named anchor on a different page, open each page in adjacent windows. Then highlight (select) the item. In the properties window, click on the "Point to File" icon (the circle next to the folder icon) and drag it across to the named anchor icon that you want to jump to. CAUTION - if necessary, move the properties window so that you can drag directly from the properties window to the target window. If you have to cross another window, like the Site window (which is probably full screen), then that window becomes selected. It will block the target window and you will have a mess on your hands.