Special Caution: I discovered that graphic file names which include an apostrophe (JackRyan'sCourses.png) do not allow Rollover Images to function properly.

Decide what size you want your graphic to be on the page, then use a program like Adobe Photoshop to resize it if needed and save it as a jpg, gif, or png file in your site's Graphics folder.

Graphics can be inserted onto a page with the Insert >Image drop down menu. However, this limits severely just where you can place your graphic on the page.

The best way to place graphics on the page is to place your cursor at the bottom of your page, below all text, then choose Insert>Layer. When the layer appears, there should be a cursor in the top left corner. Choose Insert >Image and select an image to be placed in the layer box. You can use the mouse cursor which appears as an "up/down left/right" set of arrows to move the layer and image where ever you want on the page.

To create equations using PhotoShop, open the LectureBlue.JPG file, set the DPI to 150, resize if necessary, and save to the desired new name. For the Text tool, use an 8 point font. Leave double spaces for each subscript character. Create the subscripts on the same page, then use the Rectangular Selection tool or the Free Hand (lasso) Selection tool to outline the subscript, then move it to the correct position in the equation.